Decibel Flexi-Series Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box


This week’s Vinyl Wednesday post details something that we all have to deal with as vinyl collectors: storage. I’m not talking about huge racks, shelves and IKEA Expedits. No, I’m talking about storage of the awesome flexi-discs that come in the Decibel magazine Flexi-Series. I wrote about these little guys last year (read it here) but never mentioned how I keep them safe from the elements. They don’t come with any jacket or sleeve so what does a person do with them after ripping it from the magazine and obliterating all eardrums within listening distance? That would usually be a conundrum for the common folk but luckily Decibel has thought of a solution for us. They started by granting us the Limited Edition Collector’s Box (now sold out) and in 2014 we got the new Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box (or the Decibox as I call it). This holds all of your audible treasures for at least 2 years worth of issues. Good news for us flexi collectors.

When I started receiving Decibel I managed to get one of the Limited Edition Collector’s Boxes but it quickly filled up. I just started stacking all of my new flexis into the box without sleeves or anything. I was in need of more sleeves and a lot more room to store all the goodies and now with the Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box my cherished tunes have a safe and secure place to lie in wait before unleashing their audio assault.


As always with me, it’s all about the little things. Opening the box and being greeted by a random sticker? Yes, please. A nice, fun way to introduce a product. Also, good job on getting a box that actually holds this product in place. I’m sure there were cheaper options out there but this one was a perfect fit and kept the goods from getting damaged while using only a little amount of bubble-wrap.



The box is made from some fairly thick and sturdy paper and it features 24 paper sleeves to hold the flexis. The paper sleeves have a nice, clean design on them and a center hole to view which flexi you are about to decimate ears with.


The box has a killer metallic-gold stamped design on it. Look at that simple vinyl record graphic followed by the goat’s head pentagram below. I love it. No falsehoods here.



I have mentioned the Limited Edition Collector’s Box a few times now but haven’t shown what that was. Well that ends now! Basically it was a smaller version of the deluxe box complete with its own metallic-silver graphics and 8 inner sleeves. It also featured some metallic text/graphics around the outer panels of the box.




Overall this is another fine product from the guys over at Decibel magazine. It’s built well, has a killer graphic on it and keeps all of your precious flexi’s safe and in place (you know, for when you want to sell that limited 1349 flexi to some random collector deep in the woods of Norway).

Hey Decibel, if you are reading this then guess what?! I would love to come work with you guys as a graphic designer, blogger, cleaning person or whatever. I’m totally willing to move to Philly. I may be a Pirates and Pens fan but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along. Seriously. Let’s make it happen. Since I’ve sold myself to you (albeit poorly) I guess I can sell some stuff for you below.

Decibel Flexi-Series Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box commercial:

Buy a Decibel Flexi-Series Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box here! Limited to 500. Get in on that shit now!

Don’t have a turntable? Fear not! Decibel also has a digital option for you too-hip-to-be-cvlt kids. Listen to all of the Decibel Flexi-Series tracks here for free.

Want the Flexi-Series but can’t find them at your local reading hole? Subscribe here to get 12 issues per year and you’ll receive all of the wonderful, flexible plastic heavy metal that comes with each issue.


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