World Under Blood – Tactical


I missed out on last week’s post on account of laziness so I’m coming back hard and heavy today. I actually took photos of 4 albums over the weekend so that I’d have no excuse if I don’t edit and post for 4 weeks.

Anyway, back to the goods. World Under Blood is a group that has been around since 2006 but released their first, and only, album Tactical in 2011. Founded by Deron Miller (of CKY fame) on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, while the rest of the band consists of Tim Yeung on drums/keyboards, Luke Jaeger on lead guitar and Risha Eryavec on bass (does not appear on the recording). The album falls under the melodic death metal genre but I like to just say it kicks loads of ass. Lots of fast riffs and beats with a bit of melody tossed in. Good stuff if you are into sounds that are fast and heavy.

The cover art is some wicked stuff. Pär Olofsson depicts a drenched cityscape with floating bodies and an ethereal glow calling out to the inhabitants. This artwork has a slightly different feel than a lot of Pär’s other cover illustrations. While the illustrations all live in a made-up world, this one feels less fantasy/mystical than most. From the characters to the setting, this is a nice standout of his portfolio of album artwork. I love lots of small details in artwork and I especially dig the little bubbles floating up and away from the guy in the lower-left corner. The character is slightly hidden and yet it is something my eye is drawn to every time I grab this album from the shelf. The body, hand and bubbles all create a nice framing effect for the floating people to get noticed as well.

WorldUnderBlood1 WorldUnderBlood3

My copy was signed by Deron Miller before I received it. I had purchased a 3-album vinyl set featuring CKY, Deron’s solo work and World Under Blood through his website this past winter and each album came signed in silver marker. Very cool of him to do that for his fans.



The back of the jacket is pretty standard fare. Big logo, photos of bands members and a track listing. No need to get fancy and reinvent the wheel; I do like how it was all put together though.


Deron is featured on the right in this image. I remember the first time I had seen this I was shocked at the long hair. I had not been keeping up with CKY or any other projects of his and I almost didn’t recognize him when I saw this.



The typeface chosen for the track listing is a degraded sans serif. Nice and bold with not too much degradation to the letters, it remains easy to read from close or afar. The slight gradient in the coloring is a nice touch as well.



An inner sleeve is included with this release featuring lyrics, liner notes and more artwork.






Colored vinyl is all the rage these days and most metal bands seem to be trying to make each release special by coming out with multiple pressings on different colors. This release is no different as it was released on “vomit” colored vinyl. Don’t believe me, take a look. It’s a multi-color splatter vinyl with the base color of what can honestly be called vomit. It’s really neat to look at. The darker-yellow bits around the edges really drive home the vomit theme. Fantastic and gross.




The album deals with a lot of aspects of life including mental illness, abuse, politics, religion and conspiracy theory. While the artwork doesn’t relate to any one of these elements specifically, it does fit the general feeling of the songs and imagery within. The color scheme, images, band name, song titles and logo come together with the music to paint a vivid picture of a bleak future.

On the plus side, the vinyl release features all the bonus tracks that were recorded including good covers of Megadeth’s “Wake Up Dead” and Malevolent Creation’s “Alliance or War”. I highly recommend seeking this album out if you are into death metal or other types of heavy and fast music.

Tactical on Wikipedia

Purchase Tactical


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