May 2016 Pre-orders


We are super busy with our upcoming move and I am still trying to get through the giant box of records I bought a while back but that doesn’t stop me from buying new tunes as well. Above is the artwork for 3 albums I had to plunk down some money for. Hit the jump to check out some details about the albums, hear some music from each release and find links to purchase these fine tunes.

Death Angel’s The Evil Divide is set to be released on May 27th. It’s a 2-LP set with an etched D-Side featuring the album artwork. I ordered the white vinyl edition for myself. I have a real fancy for white vinyl, not too sure why. Anyway, limited to 300 copies worldwide (on white) and housed in a gatefold sleeve, I am pretty excited for it after hearing their latest track from it. This shit totally rips!

Buy Death Angel – The Evil Divide

DevilDriver never disappoints for me. Trust No One is the title of their latest effort and is scheduled to be released on May 13, 2016. This album comes in two varieties: Gold and Black vinyl. I wasn’t quick enough with buying the Gold edition but I was able to snag a Black set for myself. The link on DevilDriver’s website for the vinyl is messed up so I gave supplied a direct link below. The album also comes in a gatefold housing for maximum punch with the graphics. This album comes after some key band member changes, but have no fear, Dez and the crew always rise to the occasion. I was a big fan of Austin D’Amond’s drumming in Chimaira (where I first heard him) and I’m sure he will bring the thunder to DD as well. There were other changes as well with the guitar and bass positions going to Neal Tiemann and Diego “Ashes” Ibarra, respectively. I’m sure this album will have all the ferocity and anger that we’ve come to expect from DevilDriver.

One side note for this release: This album has the worst album art that I’ve seen in a LONG time for such a high-profile metal band. This shit is terrible. Concept is fine but the execution is atrocious. As a designer, I noticed it right away. It’s especially egregious considering their last album had their BEST artwork ever. It’s a shame but whatever. The music is what counts. I’m just hoping for some cooler graphics inside the gatefold or on the back.

Buy DevilDriver – Trust No One

Gojira may have the album I am most looking forward to. Now, I wasn’t a fan of theirs until the L’Enfant Sauvage album (2012) and then it clicked for me and I got deep into their catalog. Long-story-short, it’s all good. Listen to Gojira. NOW.

Magma will be their newest offering to the Heavy Metal gods and it will be unleashed upon our undeserving world on June 17, 2016 on Gold vinyl. Honestly, that day cannot come fast enough for me. Their brand of metal really sits well with me. It’s got groove, technicality, heaviness and totally bitchin’ artwork. This band seems to really strive to create the complete package for fans. Band members have said that this album will be shorter and without a lot of technical riff-jams but that’s ok. It’s still going to be signature Gojira and heavy-as-shit. Can’t beat that at all. For proof of the weight that the new tunes will carry, check out the video for “Stranded” below. This is the lead single for the album and it’s all sorts of good. Once you are thoroughly decimated by the song make sure you click the link below to buy many copies of Magma to share with family and friends.

Buy Gojira – Magma


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