Steel Panther – All You Can Eat


This week is the highly anticipated conclusion to this most unholy and unclean trilogy of vinyl releases with Steel Panther’s album All You Can Eat. Released on April Fools Day in 2014, this album is surely no joke. Ok, well… maybe a little bit but that’s beside the point. This album rips just as hard as any of their other output thus far. I found the production to be a bit on the weak side but it stays true to their sound and the era that they so obviously worship at the alter of. Speaking of worshipping at the alter, you can see where this album’s visual theme is headed. As for the music, this album is jam-packed with all the raunchy debauchery that one expects out of Steel Panther.

First off, I love the cover. Having my own half-assed attempt at a “Last Supper”-themed photo this really sticks out for me. Lots of little details and fun stuff are hidden in this cover image. Pizza, glue, booze, guitars, hot chicks and other assorted goodies all make an appearance. It’s a very far cry from the original DaVinci painting. The shocker is placed prominently above frontman Michael Starr and this leads me to assume that sex is the only thing that they truly worship.

Religion isn’t something Steel Panther usually hit on a lot so I’m glad that it finally gotten the piss-take that it deserves.


This logo rendering is pretty fantastic. To me, this feels reminiscent of Metallica’s logo on the Master Of Puppets jacket. Only, this logo was taken further down that dark back alley, drugged, beat up, pissed on and left for dead. It’s really good stuff. Cracked and diseased just like Steel Panther’s collective weiners.






Nothing is really screaming religion on the back cover but you definitely get that sense by the stone walls, the leaded glass windows and the overall tone & colors within the photo. The use of an Old English typeface for the tracklisting also hammers this point home.




The inner sleeve has an old book look to it. Nothing new here but it is done well enough. It’s got a old and stained paper texture in the background and the corner elements are a nice way to frame it all in. One side features the band logo and liner notes while the other side features the lyrics for the album. The lyrics on this album are typical for Steel Panther: lots of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. You know, only the best stuff on Earth for these guys.



One cool feature that whoever designed this added in was the use of the cross as a line break. A small detail that wasn’t overlooked (at least by me). Kudos to you, sir or madam!


This might be one of the most hated color LPs in my collection. Is it cool looking? Yes. Does the label bring down the whole vinyl appeal? Yes.

Look, I get what they were trying with this. It’s got that holy halo effect going on and it’s has it happening in spades. It’s really nice and dig that. What I really do not dig on is the duotone label. I feel it muddied the whole thing up and it doesn’t look all that great. I may have went with a look like the inner sleeves and kept it simple. Maybe they tried that and didn’t like it. Maybe it was just too saturated when they printed. I don’t know and only they can say but I just know I really don’t like these labels. Will it ruin my listening experience? No way. There’s just too much good to be had with this album and I would never let something so small take that enjoyment away.



Well, that’s all of the Steel Panther shenanigans for now. When their new album comes out later in 2017 I’ll be sure to do a post for those gems as well. For now, feast your eyes upon the wonderment that is bestowed upon us weak plebs with the music video for the song “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World”:


3 Songs To Snort Blow From Your
Grannies Secret-Compartment Rosary To

Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
Ten Strikes You’re Out
She’s On The Rag


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