Bitch Wrangler – Spitefuck


Bitch Wrangler is one of the many side projects of Cleveland vocal legend Jason Popson (J Mann of Mushroomhead fame). Initially only releasing a few songs online, the Spitefuck EP became available in 2014 when Popson released As The World Burns, an album by another of his projects titled Pitch Black Forecast. Only 300 of these 7″ records were pressed and sold in a deluxe edition package online. The album has an Industrial Metal kind of vibe about it. A bit of groove, a bit of blood and grit, and a huge, sleazy punch to the face.

The design of the packaging feels very DIY. The jacket is simply a folded piece of paper that contains the vinyl inside. There’s really no fancy shit going on here. The graphics are low-fi in all the right ways. High contrast photography, marker writing, and a black & white color setup works really well for this record and it adds to the overall underground feel of the band. A secondary, typewriter-style typeface is used for song titles and lyrics. One element that I really like about this record is the labels on the vinyl but not for the obvious reason. What I like is that the image changes from Side A to Side B. The slight change in the photo is a design choice that I love seeing bands do. It’s just that little extra step that makes it have a bit more visual interest.












This release is only four songs but they are some quality tunes. Side A is a little more heavy and in the vein of things you expect from Jason Popson’s metal releases but Side B takes a more mellow stance and it kind of brings you down after the storm of the first side. It’s a good EP and I wish there were just a few more songs from this band to satisfy my hunger for their sound.

Spitefuck on Discogs


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