Left Lane Cruiser – Claw Machine Wizard

Left Lane Cruiser are back on the scene in 2017 with their new album Claw Machine Wizard. Released on March 30, 2017 through Alive Records, this new batch of whiskey-soaked serenades features all the gritty blues fans have come to expect. Dirty guitars, loose drumming and raspy vocals combine to take listeners on a journey through the back alleys of the deep South via Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The design of Left Lane Cruiser albums has always been something that I liked. They don’t get to play around with a lot of fun printing tricks or use gatefolds. It’s as simple as a jacket, a paper sleeve and record. Each release has seen a colored vinyl variant which I’ve always tried to grab if I see them in the wild. Claw Machine Wizard is wonderfully simple. Big, bold text, black & white photos, and that wonderful Alive Records logo. I really love that thing. The real draw with this album (other than the fantastic music) is the Starburst vinyl. In the right light, this thing is absolutely stunning. A mix of pink, blue, green and orange create a cosmic-looking record that really makes this release stand out from it’s black vinyl alternative.















If you are a fan of Blues music that is a bit crusty around the edges then Left Lane Cruiser should be your next obsession. Give the song below a listen and then immediately head over to Alive Records website to snag some of their records and merch. You won’t be disappointed.

3 Songs to Take a Smoke Break To

Claw Machine Wizard
Booga Chaka

Left Lane Cruiser on Facebook
Left Lane Cruiser on Alive Records
Left Lane Cruiser on Wikipedia
Claw Machine Wizard on Discogs





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