Coheed and Cambria – “The Running Free”


This band was a real thorn in my side recently. I missed out on the Record Store Day variant of Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV | Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness. I thought to myself, “No worries, you’ll snag one of those online-only versions coming up” but that, too, was a failure. They only released 2,500 of the online variant, the site took a shit, and it was, by all accounts, a cluster from the outset. People were clicking on the webstore for upwards of 3 hours in the middle of a Friday afternoon (workday). I was starting to feel that I wasn’t meant to get the only album I truly love by them. A week or so goes by after that fiasco and I see a notice that the record was up for pre-order on Amazon in a black variant. I don’t need fancy-shmancy colors so I jumped on it as quick as possible. More tunes? Yes please.

The 7″ single of “The Running Free” is currently the only vinyl record I have of Coheed and Cambria. I found this sitting at Reckless Records in Chicago one day and I immediately grabbed it and held on for two reasons: first, “The Running Free” is a totally bitchin’, poppy Rock song; and second, the B-side is an acoustic demo of “Always & Never”/”Welcome Home”. If you only know one song by C&C then “Welcome Home” is likely it. I absolutely love all three of the songs contained on this record and so it had to be mine.

This single was originally released as free promo with the album No World For Tomorrow (the album that “The Running Free” appears on). It features some killer artwork of a monster or two on the front and the back is an example of simple, effective design. Black vinyl, black label and no artwork on the inner sleeve is all that’s left. It’s a free promo after all. I think I paid about $5 for it and to me it’s worth 10x that amount.





If you happen to see one of these out in the wild then pick it up and give it a spin. Sure, Claudio’s voice is a bit hard to get into at first but the musicality and songwriting is there and it is undeniable.

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“The Running Free” on Discogs

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