Buster Brown – Loud and Clear


Buster Brown is a band I was completely unfamiliar with prior to picking up this album but it seems to have an underground popularity and rightfully so. Released in 1985, Loud and Clear has a mix of hard rock, glam, heavy metal and the right amount of sleaze to create a good record from front to back. As a note, the lead singer, Johnny Edwards, is most notable for being the second lead vocalist of Foreigner from 1990–1992. Enough of that, time to dive in!

First off, check out this logo. This lettering looks like it belongs on the side of a semi-trailer in one of the Smokey and the Bandit movies. Seriously fantastic! The illustration on the front is also a wonderful example of 1980s excitement and flash. A giant speaker (obviously huge so you can hear them loud and clear) that is blowing everything away that is in it’s path, poodles included. Finally, feast your peepers on the blonde babe that will not be denied her hard-rockin’ jams (even if a tomcat is being blown into her path).






The back of the jacket has the classic band photo and song titles layout. Nothing wrong with that, especially with these beefcakes. It looks like a mid-80s wrestling stable promo photo. Johnny Edwards (jean vest) is Kerry Von Erich and Bob Koestel (far right) is Magnum TA and they are here to rumble with the 4 Horsemen at the annual Midwestern Wrestling Alliance “Showcase of the Giants.” Seriously though, that’s a great looking lineup if I’ve ever seen one.



The typography is the standard fare layout. Side one and side two with some songwriting credits. I love the bulkiness of it all.




I hear a lot of different bands when listening to Buster Brown. Some Motley Crue, a bit of Def Leppard and a slice of Van Halen/Hagar all crop up at some point. If you are into razor sharp guitar tones, bumping bass and catchy tunes then this album may be for you. Hop in your time machine and pick up a copy at your local record store.

3 Songs To Hear Loud And Clear

Loud and Clear
Bad Dreams
Ground Zero

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