Record Store Day 2014


This past Saturday (April 19) was Record Store Day 2014. Some people like to save up all year and buy a bunch of special releases and whatnot. To me, it’s just another weekend day at the record store only this time I spent more than normal. Luckily I like Metal music. Also lucky for me is that not a lot of other people do. Sure, the releases that really grab my attention are few and far between but I honestly walked away with everything I wanted this year and that has NEVER happened before.

I have been watching the list roll out for a while now. The rumor mills start churning about 2 months before the actual day so I always like to stay sharp and plan ahead for this. I noticed that there wasn’t a whole lot of Metal or even heavy music in general this year but that wouldn’t stop me from showing up at Dave’s Records in Chicago anyway.

I woke up early and set out at about 7:45am to head into Lincoln Park to stand in line. I knew I’d have to stand in line so that wasn’t a bummer at all. There were maybe 30 people in front of me so I felt confident. Some guys I was standing behind decided that 8:30am was a good time to drink Coors Light tallboys and then those mini bottles of liquor. Whatever. They were a little annoying but really not too bad. Dave eventually came around to the store at about 8:45 or so and brought out Molly’s cupcakes for everyone in line. Classy guy that Dave.

He always says that he will open the doors at the regular time (11am) unless he is ready early. Well, luckily for me he planned ahead this year as well and he opened instead around 9:30am. This made everyone EXTREMELY happy as the temperature was probably in the 30’s/40’s still. I eventually wound my way into the shop at about 10am and I promptly grabbed a mini Reese’s cup out of his “Free Candy” box. Once again, classy guy. I talked with some people around me about what releases they wanted and what I wanted and blah, blah, blah. Same old chit-chat. Good times.

I finally got up to Dave and put in my requests:
Gojira – The Way of All Flesh
Creedence Clearwater Revival – The 1969 Singles (10″)
Machine Head – Killers & Kings (10″)
Slipknot – Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
Pantera/Poison Idea – The Badge (Side-by-Side series 7″)

I get everything except the Gojira. Major bummer. Well, maybe not major bummer since I already own a pressing of that album but I figured I’d give it a shot for collectability. They only released 350 of this pressing and Dave said he only received one copy and it was already gone. After he said that I just threw in the Jungle Rot album for good measure. I had to leave with something good and heavy.

After I paid (cost was around $100 once I stepped foot out into the bright light of day) I set off back toward the train. I could have taken a bus, and maybe I should have, but something told me to walk to the train again. As I walked away from Dave’s store I noticed a guy standing in line wearing a Gojira sweatshirt. I stopped, got his attention (he was wearing headphones) and then informed him that if he was hoping to snag the Gojira album he was out of luck. He informed he was not but thanked me anyway for the kindness. I know I would have been real thankful if someone did that for me. Standing in line for an hour or more and then not getting what you seek is never fun on RSD. Anyway, once over in the general area of the train station I walked into The Exchange to see what they had gotten. I looked through their small pile and then noticed it. Gojira was sitting in the area behind the registers. I almost didn’t even see it. The lighting was dim and the cover is dark but since I knew exactly what I was looking for I recognized the weird illustrated guy on the front and at that point it had to be mine. I requested it, plunked down some more cash and then got myself out of there.

In the end I spent a little more than I wanted but it’s all good. I knew going in to it that it might be rough and I had been on a spending freeze for a little while to help cover these costs. I’m also really happy with all of my purchases. I dig all the albums and they make nice additions to my collection.

The Record Store Day purchase list:
Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh – 1 of 350, blue/white split colored vinyl
Creedence Clearwater Revival – The 1969 Singles – 1 of 5000, white vinyl, 10″
Machine Head – Killers & Kings – 4000 total pressed with 4 different jackets, I bought “The Devil” version, Red vinyl, 10″
Slipknot – Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses – 1 of 2600, 2xLP, Gatefold, Clear
Pantera/Poison Idea – The Badge –  1 of 4700, “Side-by-Side” series, 7″
Jungle Rot – Kill On Command – 1 of 900, Orange marble vinyl, First pressing


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